Did You Freeze Your Ass Off On The Bus Today? That’s Cute, Because Drake Flew In A Private Jet

Sorry, Drake can’t hear you over all this LUXURY.

Yeah, so, I’m gonna be blunt with this one: While you rubes were waiting for the bus in today’s soul-crushing 3-degree weather, Drake was ridin’ dirty up in the sky in his own, sports memorabilia-adorned private jet.

So basically, like, bye to your wig! FOREVER SANS WIG.

The “Degrassi” alum took to Instagram to humble brag share his proud P.J. moment, captioning: “Back to the cold.”

Yeahhhh, we have a feeling that no matter how cold the “Worst Behavior” rapper’s destination might’ve been, the OOC wind chill would’ve barely even stung. But then again, Drake probs had a heated Escalade waiting to pick him up on the tarmac, so whatever.

This private jet? No Yankees fans allowed.

Anyway, as we re-bundle ourselves to face the Arctic tundra outside, do you remember when Drake expressed a desire to play President Barack Obama in a biopic?

Let’s just say that Champagne Papi certainly looks very presidential in these Air Force One-esque shots — except that Obama stans for the White Sox, not Red. Method acting, man! C’mon.

Photo credit: Drake’s Instagram