Felix Cartal and Ofelia Have The Best Date Ever In The 'New Scene' Video

Watch Felix Cartal's "New Scene" video featuring Ofelia.

Everyone who wants to have the best time ever lay on a shag carpet. And... GO.

Something really surprising happens in Canadian electro-house producer Felix Cartal's "New Scene" featuring vocalist Ofelia, a song we've been feeling since its initial December release.

Instead of shifting into the high-energy House bomb that seems poised to arrive at any second, the track settles into its own comfortable place.

It would have been easy to amp up the production here and turn it into a more predictable banger -- although plenty of remixes, like this one from Deorro, this one from Lazy Rich, or this one from CRNKN, have done as much. But here, the romance is given room to breathe, even spread out slowly and infect the listener.

"I'll be the best escape to the in-between/ I'll be the first step to a brand-new scene," sings Ofelia, a member of the Los Angeles-based Wanderhouse. (Not familiar? Check out their slowed-down cover of "Lights" by Ellie Goulding.)

That same sense of gradually unfolding emotion is at work in the video, which, in case you missed it, dropped on Dec. 19.

The Kasey Lum-directed clip features Cartal and Ofelia in one of those "BEST DAY EVER!"-type dates in which everything goes perfectly. They sing karaoke, eat some seriously appetizing-looking food, play with sparklers, and galavant around Vancouver, where the video was shot.

“The concept behind the ‘New Scene’ video was to show two contrasting ideas in the same shot,” Cartal explains in a press release. “You’ll never see people playing Twister in a fancy nightclub. You’ll never see people eating expensive caviar with a cheap cracker."

Cartal continues: "My vision was to show these two worlds that clashed in one image: the perceived reality and the actuality of that reality and the thought of creating your own ‘new scene.’ The track was one of my favorites from the EP with Ofelia killing it on the vocals, and I thought it deserved a proper and modern music video. I think we nailed it.”

We think we agree.

+ Watch Felix Cartal's "New Scene" video featuring Ofelia.

Photo credit: Dim Mak Records

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