Star Spotting: Jessica Simpson’s Baby Is Outrageously Adorable, Also Excels At Baby Side Eye

Jessica Simpson's baby boy Ace Knute gives us a severe case of the AWWWs!

Whatchu lookin' at????

It may be a soul-crushing 3 degrees outside, but there's one thing that will surely warm our hearts: this disputably adorable photo of Jessica Simpson's baby boy, Ace Knute!

We also would've accepted a 24-hour steam bath or those weirdly effective hand-warmers they only sell at ski lodges and fancy sporting stores.

Jessica tweeted out this super cuddly picture of Maxwell Drew's brother, adding: "My snuggle bug...." Lol, but by the look on his face, li'l man seems to be saying: "Excuse me?! I am NOBODY's snuggle bug but my OWN."

Is it just us, or is Ace kinda sorta giving birthday girl Blue Ivy a run for her "Best Celebrity Baby Side Eye" title?

Those matching PJs don't fool us, bb! We have a feeling you're MORE than capable of throwing some much-needed shade Mama Jess' way when she whips out puréed peas for lunch.

Photo credit: @JessicaSimpson