St. Vincent's Non-Video Video For 'Digital Witness' Is The Trippiest Thing You'll Watch All Day

Listen to St. Vincent's new track, "Digital Witness," and check out the trippy non-video video!

St. Vincent's giving you Haunted Mansion portrait realness.

So, not to be too presumptuous, but we think that this new St. Vincent video for the song "Digital Witness" is the trippiest, possibly most mind-bending thing you'll see on the internet today.

Unless, of course, you regularly tread over into #WeirdYouTube territory. In which case, never forward us any links ever.

But, back to the video for the track off of St. Vincent's self-titled, fourth solo studio album. Well actually, it's not technically a video at all. Already confused? BEAUTIFUL.

Upon first play, the YouTube clip seems like your standard audio post accompanied by a static promo image of the former Polyphonic Spree member. Also, the music may make you picture David Bowie coupling his boomeranging vocals with a Swiss-German horn section to cover Beyoncé's "Blow." That's totally normal. No cause for concern.

That is, until you start to feel like your eyes are twitching and losing their focus.

Could it be that you've finally exhausted your retinas after all these years of #internet and need to pay a well-deserved visit to Warby Parker for some on-trend plum marblewood Lyle frames? (Plz. Plz. Plz. Plz.) Why, no! (GODDAMMIT.) Train your sight onto St. Vincent's head, and you'll notice that the visual is, in fact, moving ever so slightly.

I mean, this stealth trick of slipping motion into a YouTube video merely titled "OFFICIAL AUDIO" totally aligns thematically with the artist's lyrics: "Digital witnesses/ What's the point of even sleeping/ If I can't show it, you can't see me/ What's the point of doing anything." The roles of viewing and showing seem to play heavy roles in what she's describing.

Oh, and HELLO the song is called "Digital Witness." Guess what you're doing right now: witnessing her digitally.

Plus, we've already found at least two commenters who see this "Is she, or isn't she?" trompe l'oeil as well. And if one thing is certain in this world, it's that the truth is out there in the YouTube comments section.

+ Listen to St. Vincent's "Digital Witness."

Photo credit: Seven Four Entertainment