Star Spotting: Adam Lambert Braces For Cold Weather The Only Way He Knows How -- Glamorously!

Adam Lambert prepares for the cold New York City streets in a glamorous fur coat.

Step aside, frostbite. Adam Lambert has absolutely zero time for you.

Does anyone in the world ever end up looking that cute when they're bundled up to brave below-zero winter temperatures with a negative gazillion-degree wind chill? Nope! Unless we're counting Adam Lambert, that is.

The "Lay Me Down" singer shared his fur coat-wearing winter lewk on Instagram along with the caption: "NYC Winter." We'd recommend adding an "#EVIL" hashtag because WINTER IS MEAN, but maybe that's just us.

It's not like we're surprised to see Adam ditching weather-appropriate gear for something more luxurious. I mean, why would he wear an oversize scarf, some lame fleece mask, or basically anything that would obscure his precious, perfectly molded face?

That beanie, though! Despite our shock at seeing such a semi-practical piece of headwear covering that masterpiece of a haircut, we guess Adam's gotta make SOME sacrifices to keep warm. Remember, he can't keep his perfect pitch if his ears fall off! #Fact

But in all seriousness, Adam, stay warm! Oh, and if you need a place to thaw out during your NYC visit, stop by our offices! I'll make you hot cocoa with little marshmallows, and I totally 100 percent PROMISE to not stop hugging you until you are completely and entirely warm.

Photo credit: Adam Lambert's Instagram

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