Chromeo's 'Come Alive' May Be The Yacht Rock Disco Party That Finally Pulls The Plug On Your Post-New Year's Inertia Marathon

Listen to Chromeo's "Come Alive" featuring Toro Y Moi.

Chromeo's "Come Alive" marks the official end of your endless post-New Year's couch-fest.

Nursing the kind of human-shut-in, postholiday hangover that only seven consecutive snow days and a strictly cookies-and-pizza diet can cause?

Shut down your Netflix binge, peel off your Old Navy pajama bottoms (I can smell that funk from here), put on your dance pants (mine have cats printed all over them), and bounce to "Come Alive," because this new track from synth master duo Chromeo is about to give you the push into 2014 you've been avoiding since Jan. 1.

Dave 1 and P-Thugg even got Chaz Bundick (aka Toro y Moi) to lend his vocals to the track. But while the collabo won't get you as pregnant as, say, "Night By Night" or "Don't Turn The Lights On," "Come Alive" still puts the fun back in "funk" with keys so assuredly Yacht Rock-ready that they could've gracefully tumbled out of Michael McDonald's once salt-and-pepper beard.

And those disco beats? Groovy enough to make Chic le freak.

Pick up Chromeo's fourth album, White Women, when it drops later this year, and for God's sake, take a shower already.

+ Listen to Chromeo's "Come Alive" featuring Toro y Moi.

Photo credit: Atlantic Records