Ellie Goulding Goes On A Neon Joyride In Her Gorgeous 'Goodness Gracious' Video

Watch Ellie Goulding's "Goodness Gracious" video.

Ellie got a new look/ neon color palette for 2014. You like?

After teasing a clip of her "Goodness Gracious" video for a torturous week, Ellie Goulding has finally dropped the music video for the Nate Ruess-co-penned tune and sixth (!) single off of Halcyon Days.

In the colorful Kinga Burza-directed video, the “Burn” singer and her gang of exceptionally attractive pals spend a rowdy, all-neon night on the town, bouncing from a private dance party to a psychic's den, finally landing on an admittedly cliché yet totally necessary moment of joyriding bikes down on an empty street. (Side note: Is anyone else getting Demi Lovato/ "Neon Lights" vibes from this? Diva synchronicity!!!!)

Naturally, all of this occurs while Ellie rocks impeccable blacklight-friendly streetwear, including some VERY SPECIAL LIGHT-UP SNEAKERS that Ellie may or may not have jacked from Justin Bieber's closet. (Remember his kicks from the "Believe" premiere? Those ones!)

Quite frankly, Ellie's "Goodness Gracious" video is slaying us in every way imaginable. Our only regret is that we haven't found a way to reproduce those exceptionally flattering neon visuals using only Photo Booth and some glow sticks -- YET.

+ Watch Ellie Goulding's "Goodness Gracious" video.

Photo credit: Polydor