Jared Leto’s All Shirtless And Smiley In These Mexico Vacation Photos, But Mostly Shirtless

Jared Leto went on a super shirtless trip to Mexico, eh? Well, don’t mind if we do!

Over the weekend, Jared Leto took in ray after ray on the beaches of Mexico during an incredibly fun, incredibly shirtless vacation, which he so very kindly documented on Instagram.

(Meanwhile up north, it was so cold that we literally couldn’t go outside unless we layered up like Demi Lovato when she played a New Year’s Eve gig at Niagara Falls. We know we should probably be jealous of the Thirty Seconds To Mars frontman, but we’re mostly just grateful because #thatbod.)

Taking to Instagram, Jared shared a few snaps from his sunny and, once more for emphasis, VERY SHIRTLESS Mexican holiday, captioning the group photo up top: “Yes I’m actually smiling. Me and #teamavocado. Viva la mexico. Xo.” Viva, Señor Leto. Viva, indeed.

Hey, Jared, room on the right for another?

Next up is this solo pic of Jared chilling on a boat with his abs and an American flag, which the “Do Or Die” singer aptly captioned, “Me. My sunglasses. And ol glory.”

We know Jared PROBABLY means the flag, but do you think that Ol’ Glory is actually just the name for his Adonis-like ab situation? Who knows.

One thing we do know, however, is that Jared just turned 42 on Dec. 26. So, um… wow. #PutDownTheDoritos #PickUpTheWrinkleCream

Photo credit: Jared Leto’s Instagram