Ariana Grande Responds To Those Adrian Grenier Dating Rumors In The Most Awesome Way Possible

Hey, Ari, you know this guy?

Today in “Just ’Cause It’s on the Internet Doesn’t Mean It’s True,” the Twitterverse was flipping their collective ish over a recent blurb in Star magazine reporting that a.) Ariana Grande had broken up with her boyfriend, Nathan Sykes of The Wanted, and b.) Ariana had been spotted cozying up to “Entourage” actor Adrian Grenier.

Upon reading this, our initial reaction was basically just “STOP!” And yes, that’s a “(You Drive Me) Crazy” reference. Ya welcome.

I mean, not only was Ari talking all lovey-dovey about her “Almost Is Never Enough” duet partner as recently as, um, LAST WEEK’s issue of Cosmopolitan, but, like, the “Right There” singer is only 20, while Grenier is 37. That’s a… twenty… fifteen… that’s definitely an age difference! #WhatIsMath

Not to say that May/ December romances can’t be a beautiful thing. (Anna Nicole Smith and J. Howard Marshall were a love story for the ages, TBQH.) But, the huge discrepancy simply adds to the dubiousness of the rumor.

Anyway, not one to be bothered by petty gossip, Ariana responded to the blind item in true #CantBeBothered fashion.

Oh my God, what kind of Mariah Carey-style “I don’t know her” response is this???? Ow, did you guys just feel that? That was Ari’s double-ponytailed hair flip whipping across your unworthy face. (It stings, but we LOVE IT.) Obsessed. Hair flip, and OUT.


Photo credit: Getty Images / GIF: Gaga Daily, Tumblr’s f***yeahreactions

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