Christina Perri Morphs Into The Bionic Woman In Her Stunning New 'Human' Video

Watch Christina Perri's new video for "Human."

Watch as Christina Perri trades her flesh for circuitry in this new clip. 

If you were our next-door neighbor, you'd know that the second Christina Perri's "Human" dropped, it was on perma-repeat at our place. Now that there's a stunning video to match the Head Or Heart track, we've reached completely uncharted levels of obsesh.

As in, recording our own four-part harmonies on GarageBand while the gorg Elliott Sellers-directed clip loops on all three televisions in our tiny abode. (We see you judging from your glass house.)

Anyway, at the top of the video, we see Christina standing on a pedestal of sorts, illuminated by fluorescent lights shining down from above. As the moving ballad plays on, parts of her body light up, revealing their bionic foundation.

Likely inspired by the lyric “I can turn it on, be a good machine,” both the song and the video perfectly portray how intense the social pressures placed upon women can be.

This message is driven home toward the end of the clip, when Christina steps off the cold platform. A myriad of tattoos begin to cover her body, which we interpret to mean that we should embrace our flaws and accept them as part of what makes us unique. So, in other words, PUH-REACH!

In sum, "Human" is a beautiful song with an equally moving clip -- truly one of Christina's finest efforts to date! Now, if you'll excuse us, we've gotta go throw out that wildly expensive "skin toning, cellulite reducing" cream because #FREEDOM!

+ Watch Christina Perri's "Human" video.

Photo credit: Atlantic Records