Star Spotting: Ummm, Is That Selena Gomez Nuzzling Up On Justin Bieber?!

Is that Selena Gomez cuddling Justin Bieber in this Instagram photo??

Ohhh, nothing! Just #Jelena in a Je-LOVING embrace!

Rev your engines, kids, because we're gearing up for round No. 2,918,318 of "Are They, Or Aren't They: Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Edition"!

Despite the onetime couple's on/ off/ on/ off/ SEGWAYS?! status, this Instagram photo of the "Hold Tight" singer and Sel in a hardcore cuddly headlock has all but confirmed the resurrection of #Jelena!

Need further proof? Along with the pic, JB captioned: "Love the way you look at me." SO TELLING. Our bodies were not ready.

Honestly, we kinda thought Selena had given Bieber the boot for good. But, maybe the “Slow Down” singer was, like, SO EFFING MOVED by all those Journals heart-breakers that Justin allegedly wrote about her recently that she decided to give our bro a 57th chance?

We shall see.

Oh, and not to toot our own horns, but remember that time we predicted the whole "Justin and Selena getting back together for the 1,000th time" in our "36 Things That Need To Happen In Music In 2014" list? BRB, tooting our own horns.

Photo credit: Justin Bieber's Instagram