This Gaga x Christina x R. Kelly x Rick Ross 'Do What U Want' Re-Remix Will Give You All The Life You Need

Listen to this "Do What U Want" megamix featuring Lady Gaga, Christina Aguilera Aguilera, R. Kelly, and Rick Ross.

Please meet the epic answer to all -- er, MOST of your "Do What U Want"-related prayers.

BRACE YOURSELVES FOR IMPACT, friends, because today we bring you the most epic remix/ mashup/ everything-up EVER of Lady Gaga's "Do What U Want."

That's right. It's better than the original version of the ARTPOP single featuring sex push-up master extraordinaire R. Kelly. It's far superior to the already iconic rendition featuring Christina Aguilera. And somehow, it even tops the remix where Rick Ross spits rhymes about, well, pinning Gaga up against a wall.

How could this new version possibly be better than all those songs that came before it? Why, because it IS all those songs that came before it mixed into one perfect, mind-blowing megamix. It's by Haus of Juan, and it's probably been blowing up your Tumblr dashboard for the past day or so, but just in case you missed it -- WHY??

I mean, you're missing out on hearing the Teflon Don drop verses about Basquiat and waterfall sex, Gaga's powerful vocals, R. Kelly's buttery ad libs, and Xtina's "Lady Marmalade”-rivaling closing runs all in the same song. Sense? This doesn't make any.

Now, before you play the track below, I'm gonna take a sec to share my own personal conspiracy theory/ ultimate dream fantasy with you. Since the official Terry Richardson-directed "Do What U Want" video hasn't even dropped yet, is there even the tiniest chance that all four pop music deities will actually appear in the clip together?!

A girl can only pray -- and prepare for the end of the internet if that were to happen.

+ Listen to Haus Of Juan's remix of Lady Gaga's "Do What U Want” featuring Christina Aguilera, R. Kelly, and Rick Ross.

Photo credit: YouTube

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