Star Spotting: Blue Ivy NAILS The Side Eye

#BowDown to Blue Ivy, the new Queen of Side Eye!

Although your initial reaction to this photo of Jay Z cradling his daughter, Blue Ivy, might be to aww, coo, and try to tickle your monitor in vain, you may want to hold off. Why? Because this baby is serving up some SERIOUS side eye, and apparently just does not have the time for any of your peasant-like swooning.

That’s right, at just under the tender age of 2, BeyoncĂ©’s little baby Blue has already mastered the look made famous by the likes of Rihanna, Taylor Swift, and Kanye West. (See side eye A, side eye B, and side eye C, respectively.)

The major difference? Rihanna, Taylor, and Kanye are all ADULTS. Blue Ivy is only a toddler, and she’s already serving side eye better than all you basics. Game over. SHE WINS.

We don’t know why Blue was throwing such shade in Miami. (Maybe mom and dad forgot her diamond-encrusted Barbie at home? Or, maybe it was some unresolved diaper situation, which is just the literal worst. Except Blue Ivy probably has her diaper magically changed by animated cartoon bluebirds designed especially for her by Disney. Because she deserves that kind of diaper treament. And maybe the robins were late. They’re birds! They’re forgetful! They have hollow bones! Cut them some slack.)

What we DO know is that we would give anything to see Blue Ivy challenge that girl reacting to going to Disneyland to a staring contest.

Whatever, Blue would shut it down. Easily. XOXO!

Photo credit: KDNPIX / GIF: Disney; E! Online

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