Ariana Grande’s Cat-Filled Trip To Japan Cements Her Status As Our Soul Mate

Ariana Grande munches on some edamame during her epic trip to Japan.

News flash! Not only does Ariana Grande regularly slay the vocal game, but did y’all know that she’s, like, a professional tourist?

Promoting her debut album, Yours Truly, the Cosmopolitan cover girl and her posse recently headed to Japan, where they LITERALLY HAD THE BEST TIME EVER. Really! Girl did a slew of amazing things, like gorge on edamame with her pals (#SOYPROTEIN)!

After her edamame pit stop, the “Right There” singer did a few more Japan-centric things, like hit up a cat café (WHICH IS AN IRL THING PEOPLE DO IN JAPAN, OMFG) and even buy some Harajuku kitty ears to add to her growing collection.

We can haz cat cafes?!

Ariana was so obsessed with these cats, in fact, that she took to Instagram to share a whopping THREE SEPARATE CAT PHOTOS with some funny captions: “They’re so precious and gentle yet so weird and satanic all at once I love them.”

OK, it’s official: Between all that edamame eating, cat visiting, and Harajuku shopping, Ariana has DEFINITELY cemented her status as our Dream BFF Of 2014. Everyone else can go home now.

How do you say “cat death stare” in Japanese?

Look, mom! Harajuku cat ears!

Photo credit: Ariana Grande’s Instagram