Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez Cruise Into 2014 Together On A Segway Joyride!

Justin and Selena are riding Segways together! In other news, OMFG, WHAT?

We’re not even a full week into 2014, and perpetually on/off/on/off/maybe-on-again former couple Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez (fondly known as #JELENA) have reunited for (what could be) a romantic Segway joyride!

Please note that the words “what could be” indicate wishful thinking.

Anyway, you’re probably wondering, “WTF, are these two back together, AGAIN? For the 99th time?” And sadly, our answer would be, “We have NO CLUE.”

Here’s everything we DO know: The Biebs really likes riding Segways (see: exhibit A and exhibit B). Therefore it must mean something if he’s sharing his favorite pastime with his favorite girl/“All That Matters” inspiration. Right…?

Oh, and speaking of “All That Matters,” wasn’t Justin recently seen cavorting with his “ATM” video costar, Cailin Russo? You know, the girl he took to his “Believe” movie premiere?

Guess the “Slow Down” singer must’ve ignored JB and Cailin’s pseudo-date, cause she looks plenty into spending some quality time with her former man. Now, excuse us while we calculate the likelihood of whether Jelena will get back together. Warning: Line graphs WILL be involved.

Photo credit: WENN, @madliebz/@nicksanitsky