Flashback Friday! Watch Drake Teach You ‘How A Pimp Do’ On The Set Of ‘Degrassi’!

Get ready for this teenaged Drake right here to utter the words: “That’s how a pimp do, son.”

Sometime earlier this week, I was on Tumblr reblogging and liking away my time off from work — as one does. At some point, I came across this insanely hilarious yet cringe-inducingly embarrassing clip of Aubrey Graham Drake during his “Degrassi: The Next Generation” days. (Shout-out to user Why We Love Drake for the find!)

In the video, the “Hold On, We’re Going Home” crooner — now known for being seductive, smooth, and senselessly babely — is trying to show off how much of a ladies’ man he is. Let’s just say that it doesn’t end well for him. Though you probably could’ve guessed that by the proximity of the words “Degrassi” and “ladies’ man” in the last few sentences.

While the video’s since been taken down (#why #nancykerrigan), I was able to track it down within a larger clip from some CTV behind-the-scenes special called “Degrassi: On The Set.” Although I’m not totally sure on when it aired, given my embarrassing Degrassi stanning in the past, my best guess would be when they were filming the sixth season in 2006. #eternalshame

So, in the spirit of Flashback Friday, let’s all sit back and watch as bb Drake tries to get his level 1 mack on. I know, I know, usually we’re all about Throwback Thursday around these parts, but a little Friday flashback never hurt anyone — unless we’re talkin’ about ’Nam. (We’re not talkin’ about ’Nam, FYI.) Enjoy!

+ Watch this clip from “Degrassi: On The Set” featuring Aubrey Graham, aka Drake. Skip to 2:25 to get to the good stuff!


Photo credit: Getty Images, CTV / GIFs: MTV