Star Spotting: Cody Simpson Somehow Made Those Goofy New Year's Glasses Look Suave

Check out this photo to see how Cody Simpson rang in the new year!

Cody, please wear those sparkly shades all the time always. Thx!

So, we know that 2014 might actually be the year of Horse, according to the Chinese zodiac. After seeing this stylish Instagram photo of Cody Simpson ringing in 2014 with these shimmery New Year's shades on, we're gonna have to officially redub it the year of the Cody!

And if that's too much to ask, can we at least take a sec to admire how good the "La Da Dee" singer looks in a tuxedo? I mean, he always looks great in his usual beach-friendly casual, but we wouldn't mind seeing more of Cody's dapper side. (Step aside, James Bond, there's another from Down Under!)

But, back to the glittery 2014 glasses! Hopefully, Cody's sparkly New Year's accessory will spark some new music and maybe even a full album this year. (See what we did there???? Good.)

Don't get us wrong -- we're still totally living for Surfers Paradise. But one of our New Year's resolutions was to swoon more often, and our success basically falls on the "All Day" singer's shoulders. So, yeah... No pressure.

Photo credit: Cody Simpson's Instagram