Katy Perry And Her ENORMOUS Bottle Of Champagne Had A More Glamorous New Year's Eve Than You

Katy Perry rang in 2014 with a huge bottle of champagne.

Bottoms up for 2014!

Someone please explain two things to me: 1.) How is it that Katy Perry still looks flawless even when resting a GINORMOUS bottle of champagne upon her head? and 2.) WHY was I NOT invited to a New Year's Eve party WHERE GIGANTIC BOTTLES OF CHAMPAGNE WERE BEING SERVED?!

Snapped hauling a HUGE bottle of bubbly on her head, the "Unconditionally" singer partied down on New Year's Eve with her boyfriend, John Mayer, who proudly shared the snapshot on his Tumblr. (And if your girlfriend looked like Katy Perry, you'd Tumblr her too.)

Also, let's be real: Katy wasn't gonna guzzle just ANY bottle of cheap brut -- LOL, puh-ease! If you look closely at the above photo, you'll see that she was serving some high-end Dom Pérignon realness.

So I know it's not New Year's anymore, but let's toast to Katy for flaunting that five-star champs like a champ! Obviously only the largest bottle of bubbly would do to celebrate such a successful year, i.e., dropping a new album, Prism, unveiling a new fragrance, and, you know, pretty much winning at everything else in life. (Wait, is that bottle gonna be big enough?)

Photo credit: John Mayer's Tumblr