Selena Gomez Rang In 2014 In The Coziest Way Possible: With Pajama Onesies And Her Girlfriends!

Selena Gomez NYE PJ onesie

Screw sparkly dresses -- New Year's Eve is BETTER IN A ONESIE. 

It's official: SELENA GOMEZ HAS WON NEW YEAR'S! THE END! Go home, you failed, better luck next year.

In case the above pajama-centric photo didn't give it away, Selena spent NYE partying the night away with her girls in matching PJ onesies. Oh, and APPLE CIDER! Gawd, that sounds amazing.

The "Slow Down" singer took to Instagram to share her epic New Year's moment with her Selenators, captioning: "Apple cider and my girls. Happy new year my lovess. love you all endlessly."

OK, let's be real for a sec: Don't you kiiiiinda wish you had the balls to tell your friends what you really want to be doing on NYE? Like, trade the sparkly dresses, painful heels, and overpriced cocktails for a cozy night in a "Twilight Zone" marathon, champagne, and a large mushroom pizza? Uh, YES?

Oh well -- maybe next year we can all take a cue from Selena and finally have the cozy, in-home New Year's of our dreams. In fact, there's no time like the present -- we're ordering this on-sale onesie RIGHT NOW.

Photo credit: Selena Gomez's Instagram