Demi Lovato Goes Incognito As A Very Warm, Very Adorable Ninja For Her New Year's Performance At Niagara Falls

Demi Lovato kills the layers game to stay warm for her New Year's Eve performance at Niagara Falls!

Snug as a bug in a flawless rug! 

Yo, Demi Lovato? Is that you under all that winter gear? Doesn't this excessive layering feel... well, EXCESSIVE?

Um, apparently not, as our girl’s gonna perform at "ET Canada"’s "New Year’s Eve At Niagara Falls" celebration. So, considering that said venue is going to be rocking a temperature of 18 degrees tonight at midnight -- "feels like 4 degrees," unhelpfully notes -- Demi would be a fool not to bundle up like an undercover tundra ninja spy person. #actualprofession

The "Neon Lights" singer took to Instagram to shed some light on her cold-weather look, captioning: "Don't let all these warm layers fool you..... Underneath it all, I still got my birthday suit on...#ETcanadaNYE."

Demi also broke down her exact layering scheme on Twitter, adding: "Thick tights + leggings + thick jeans + thick socks + uggs + tank top + long sleeve thermal + long sleeve turtleneck + coat + scarf + hat + gloves = #ETcanadaNYE." SOUNDS. ABOUT. RIGHT.

Anyway, Happy New Year, Demi! Even though we're still a liiiiittle miffed that you never got back to us about our house party tonight, we wish you all the luck (and warmth!) in the world for your performance.

Photo credit: Demi Lovato's Instagram