Massive Sandwiches, Bitter Breakups & Other Battlefields Lea Michele's New Single Will Prepare You For!

Listen to Lea Michele's "Battlefield," the second single off of "Louder."

Meet Lea Michele on the "Battlefield."

As we non-famous mortals prep ourselves for New Year's partying -- we've literally been lining our stomachs with bread since 5 p.m. Sunday #sorrynotsorry -- Ms. Lea Michele’s been readying her debut studio album, Louder, for its March 4 release.

After unleashing her first single, "Cannonball," the "Glee" star soars again on the decidedly downtempo "Battlefield." A call for ceasefire, the painfully raw breakup anthem advocates for laying down arms and ending things peacefully with an ex -- no matter how stupid their stupid face is.

Lea's song could apply to many more scenarios, however. The titular lyric ("What seemed like a good idea has turned into a battlefield") in particular could assist in many of life's trickier situations, no matter how trivial and/ or sandwich-related, such as...

1.) Surviving an unexpected, yet very public breakup...

Look, nobody likes getting dumped in public -- not even at the Olive Garden! But if you think back on Lea's message of peace, you'll be able to withstand even the most trifling, exceedingly hurtful breakup speech. At least until your Five Cheese Ziti al Forno arrives. No promises.

Listen to Lea Michele's "Battlefield," the second single off of "Louder."

2.) Powering through even the most mundane of assignments...

Oh, you thought you were being real cute when you proposed to investigate the connections between Jung's theory of the collective unconscious and how many Tumblr reblogs you get on the daily? Well, now you're stuck with it. Instead of "spilling blood" (i.e., having a public breakdown on the quad), just type-type-type like there's no tomorrow.

Listen to Lea Michele's "Battlefield," the second single off of "Louder."

3.) Biting your tongue when a friend wears something busted...

Bedazzled, gem-tone capris with leather-laced flared calf slits are not retro funky and should, in fact, be burned. But don't tell your friend that. Remember, when people on reality TV claim they're "real," that's code for "really the worst."

Listen to Lea Michele's "Battlefield," the second single off of "Louder."

4.) Realizing mid-sandwich that it's too much sandwich...

It once seemed like a good idea, but now that sammy's turned into a battlefield. WE'VE ALL BEEN THERE. Just put the sandwich down, wrap it to go, and finish it later. KEEP CHEWING! NOMNOMNOMNOM.

Listen to Lea Michele's "Battlefield," the second single off of "Louder."

+ Listen to Lea Michele's "Battlefield."

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