One Direction's Liam Payne Shows Off His HUGE Snake, And Yes, We Mean That Literally

Liam Payne gets his cuddle on with...his aunt's enormous LIVE SNAKE!

Is it weird to be jealous of a snake?

We know, we know. You were probably praying expecting this post to be about something veryyyy different. Like, more euphemistic. But sorry! One Direction's Liam Payne isn’t showing off his bulging muscles, or any other very important body parts, for that matter

Liam is, however, getting mighty cuddly with Philis, his aunt's enormous, probably-straight-from-the-“Anaconda"-movie-set snake! JUST LET THAT SINK IN FOR A SECOND.

He took to Twitter to share photos of his slithery new pal, captioning: "My aunties snake ahhhhhhh!", followed by "Meet philis." Ummm, enchanté?

Liam Payne got his cuddle on with...his aunt's enormous LIVE SNAKE!

While we're still feeling a little "Holy s***, there's a snake wrapped around precious Liam's bod!!!" we are super into seeing what Liam does when he goes home for the holidays!

Of course we envisioned the "Story Of My Life" singer having a lovely aunt who he referred to as "auntie" -- we just never suspected that said "auntie" owned a ginormous, "Snakes On A Plane"-looking exotic pet!!

Where do you even procure a snake that looks like Nagini from "Harry Potter"?? And whatever happened to the the adorable aunts who force-fed their nephews stale fruit cake and knitted them sweaters? OK, OK, we're calming down. We'll just say this: #Props for originality, Liam's aunt!

Photo credit: Liam Payne's Twitter