Hold Your Head High, And Marvel At This Photo From Britney Spears' Final Las Vegas Dress Rehearsal

Check out this photo of Britney Spears performing during her final Vegas dress rehearsal!

B-girl ain't lost the beat!

Seven hours -- that's all the time that remains between now and the very first performance of Britney Spears’ already iconic residency, "Britney: Piece Of Me," at the Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas.

If you're anything like us -- i.e., deeply attuned to only the most significant of current events -- you've just been an absolute ball of stress these past few months, counting down the days until opening night.

Biting your nails, mindlessly executing increasingly erratic hand choreo, pocketing every vanilla candle in sight. Nothing could ease your nerves, o faithful soldier in the Britney Army.

But, maybe this Instagram photo taken during the "Perfume" singer's final dress rehearsal will quell the rising tides of your anxiety, much like it did ours upon seeing it. That lone spotlight shining down on Brit-Brit as she strikes a Michael Jackson-meets-"Me Against The Music" pose? Why, it's just plain Spearitual. Deeply, deeply Spearitual.

Now, if only we had opening night tickets. Anyone wanna help us out here?! We'll give you whatever you want in return. The party in France of your dreams? A Bugatt-eh? A Maserat-eh? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

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Photo credit: Britney Spears' Instagram