Happy Birthday, Hayley Williams! We're Obviously Still Into You After 25 Years!

Happy 25th birthday, Hayley Williams! We're obviously still into the Paramore frontwoman after 25 years.

HBD, Hayley!  Welcome to the quarter-life crew! 

Happy 25th birthday, Hayley Williams! Take a seat, get comfy, and prepare yourself for the monster truckloads of praise we're about to shower upon you on this, your glorious 25th anniversary on this earth!

As we often do on birthdays, let's take a quick look back at Ms. Williams' year -- which, in case you're not reading our obvious subtext, WAS THE TOTAL BOMB. (We honestly find it preeeeeeetty hard to believe that in only a quarter of a century, Paramore's leading lady has already been SUCH a complete badass!)

Over the past 365 days alone, the pop-rock trio released their critically acclaimed, self-titled fourth studio album, turned an abandoned mansion into the coolest playground ever in the "Still Into You" video, and literally broke every record ever by the looks of their "Ain't It Fun" shoot.

Oh, and did we mention that Hayley and her boyfriend, Chad Gilbert of New Found Glory, make up one of our picks for Cutest Celebrity Couple of 2013? Because we always like mentioning that.

OMG, and remember that one time when Hayley brilliantly broke down the now infamous open letter beef between Sinéad O’Connor and Miley Cyrus? She laid it down. Class dismissed. Any questions? Buh-BYE.

Basically, Hayley, what we're trying to say here is that after all this time -- 25 stunning years to be specific -- we're still into you. (We're not over all these butterflies, and we're not even apologizing for it.) Can't wait for the next 25! Mazel tov on being the best. Generally. At everything.

+ Watch Hayley slay "Still Into You" on "Live From MTV," and check out Paramore's official "Still Into You" video.


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