Rihanna's Bikini-Clad 'Home For The Holidays' Photos Look Ripped From The Pages Of Sports Illustrated!

Rihanna makes home for the holidays look good in a blue bikini on the water!

Rihanna or Swimsuit Edition cover model? WE CAN'T TELL.

During a Christmas visit to her native Barbados, Rihanna looked like a lithe little water goddess on a boat ride out at sea.

Meanwhile, when we go home for the holidays, we can usually be found rocking a spandex bodysuit to accommodate all the carbs we'll inevitably consume while watching "Home Alone." On the couch. For the 900th time.

Obviously, we have very little in common with the "What Now" singer, who looks like a straight-up Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition supermodel. Seriously, how does Rihanna make wearing a bikini look so effortless? Life isn't always fair.

Rihanna makes home for the holidays look good in a blue bikini in Barbados!

Ph*** yo traffic light!

But, Rihanna didn't stop with the #NOBASICS boat ride! "The Monster" songstress also posted this bestie pic featuring none other than her main girl 4 lyfe, Melissa Forde, captioning, "The main and I #Bridgetown."

So, now that you're sufficiently in awe of Rihanna's official "I'm home, mom!!" ensemble, allow us to slip into something a little more comfortable. Like a onesie. Three sizes too big. SEE YA!

Photo credit: Rihanna's Instagram