Watch As Katy B Is Engulfed In Her Own Personal Light Show In The 'Crying For No Reason' Video

Watch as Katy B is engulfed in a sea of flashing lights in her "Crying For No Reason" video.

Katy B's new clip is an overwhelmingly delicious feast for the eyes! 

Our stanship for Katy B is no secret. The red-haired U.K. alt-dance pop diva has consistently slayed us with tunes such as “What Love Is Made Of," “Aaliyah,” and "I Like You." Now, PRAISE EVERYTHING, Katy's back with a video for "Crying For No Reason," and she's brought her own personal light show with her!

The second single off of Katy's forthcoming sophomore album, Little Red (out early next year), "Crying For No Reason" features Katy's buttery R&B pipes laced with some poignant Adele balladry and infused with a little forward-thinking electro-pop à la Robyn.

How might all of this sonic flawlessness translate to a video, you might ask? WITH A BADASS LIGHT SHOW! Obviously.

In her brand-new music video, Katy boldly stands alone on a platform as an epic extravaganza of light slowly unfolds around her. As the song builds from simple ballad to mid-tempo dance banger, the luminous beams slowly become more badass, eventually engulfing the fiery-haired songstress in visual amazingness!

Seriously, if Katy B's "Crying For No Reason" video is what the pop music scene will be like in 2014, then all we can say is that it looks DAMN good.

Now, on to tracking down our own professionally curated personal lighting system...

Watch Katy B's "Crying For No Reason" video.

Photo credit: Rinse/Columbia Records