Star Spotting: Surprising No One, Mariah Carey May Actually Be BFFs With Santa Claus

OMFG! Did Marey Carey meet Santa Claus?!?!


So, sorry for basically stalking Mariah Carey’s holiday festivities with her family so hard (see our total freak-out when Mariah dressed both her son, Moroccan, and husband, Nick Cannon, up like Santa), but, like, how are we not supposed to FLIP over this photo of Mimi's midnight meetup with Santa Claus??

Is this the actual IRL Santa visiting "The Art Of Letting Go" singer's vacation home in Aspen, Vt., while Nick and the twins are fast asleep? Or, is he just some old bro with a white beard?? Either way, this picture is 100 percent amazing and 100 percent #FESTIVE.

Mariah shared the OOC photo on Instagram, captioning: "They were so surprised!" Ummm, try: "They had heart palpitations because Mom may or may not have just proved the existence of Santa Claus!" Just a thought.

OMFG! Did Marey Carey meet Santa Claus?!?!

At the Carey-Cannon residence, Santa Claus is real!!!!

Obviously (****SPOILER ALERT****) the St. Nick in Mariah's photos was probably a hired actor. (Unemployed old hairy dudes must make mad bank during the holiday season.)

But can you imagine if you were Moroccan or Monroe, and every year of your childhood was punctuated with a visit from an extremely convincing Santa Claus?

As opposed to, say, a bearded man in a cheap red suit who suspiciously never appeared in the same room with your dad at the same time. Mariah is SO slaying the mom game.

Photo credit: Mariah Carey's Instagram

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