Wait... According To This Photo, Austin Mahone Got ANOTHER Car For Christmas?!

Did Austin Mahone seriously get ANOTHER car for Christmas?! Oh, wait... it's a toy.


OK, so let's just get this straight. Austin Mahone’s car collection currently includes a Range Rover, a Lamborghini, and possibly even that Jeep from his "Banga Banga" video, and boyfriend's not even 18 yet? BRB, buying all of the self-help books in the world ever, BAI.

And now, according to a recent Instagram photo, Austin's added yet another red Range Rover to his gallery of wheels.

Oh, wait... we forgot what scale, proportion, and depth were.

On second thought, it appears as if the "Anchorman" enthusiast simply received a toy model of his beloved ride, possibly as a Christmas present.

The photo's caption would also lend credence to this theory: "MY CAR!!" As any truly knowledgeable person can tell you, caps lock equals love.

Or actually, what if America's Next Top Mahomie is lamenting the fact that his Range Rover got shrunken down by wizardries most wicked?? Perhaps, some #bitterbetty sorcerer was so jealous of Austin's backstage Jingle Ball hangout sesh with Miley Cyrus that he cursed the vehicle nearest and dearest to Señor Mahone's heart?!?!

Yeah, no, it's the toy thing. Sorry, we may or may not be entering a delirious fugue state caused by holiday eating withdrawal. 50 CCs of Christmas cookies, stat!

Photo credit: Austin Mahone's Instagram

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