Fall Out Boy Meet Tommy Lee -- Er, Satan In Their 'Death Valley' Video

Watch Fall Out Boy's new video for "Death Valley," starring Tommy Lee as Satan.

What's a little Satanic pact between friends?

Fall Out Boy pick up right where "Where Did The Party Go" left off in the latest installment of their "Save Rock And Roll: The Young Blood Chronicles." Like its seven predecessors, the video for "Death Valley" is absolutely brimming with gore and sin.

But the DONALD/ZAEH-directed clip has one thing the others don't: Tommy Lee, who plays Satan in the music video. We'll give you some time to process that.

Got it? Good.

Anyway, the clip volleys between the world of the living and the world of the dead.

In the former, we see singer Patrick Stump, bassist Pete Wentz, and drummer Andy Hurley taken into police custody. While Pete and Andy get a thoroughly Good Cop-less interrogation, their frontman is thrown behind bars -- presumably for the murder of guitarist Joe Trohman.

Meanwhile... IN HELL, the recently strangled-to-death Joe stumbles his way into a debauched blowout hosted by none other than the devil himself.

(Sidenote for all classic "MTV Cribs" enthusiasts: This set could easily be the Mötley Crüe drummer's old abode, right? #sexbasement)

As the clip draws to a close, Stump is forced out of his cell toward uncertain doom, as a mysterious blonde woman pieces the puzzle together, "Homeland"-style.

What awaits us in video No. 9? Ummm, probs more blood. But the rest? WE SHALL SEE.

+ Watch Fall Out Boy's "Death Valley" video. Need a happy chaser to that gore-fest? Learn some totally true reindeer facts from the guys!


Photo credit: Island Records

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