Miley’s Christmas Photo Is A Punching, Strangling, Hair-Pulling Cyrus Family Throwdown!

Did you guys know that the annual Cyrus fist fight was a thing?

UMMMM, so speaking of family traditions during the holidays (see the Swift family Onesie sitch and the Bieber brothers’ snowman), did y’all know that Miley Cyrus and her fam stage an “annual family fistfight” photo?

Well, now you do.

On top of it being the perfect tribute to the “Adore You” singer’s spunky, star-studded family — which includes papa Billy Ray Cyrus, big brother Trace formerly of Metro Station, and li’l sis Noah Cyrus — the Christmas card-worthy picture is a truly epic display of the tenacity of Miley’s tongue, which refuses to stay in its owner’s mouth even mid-brawl. #dedication

That’s not the only tradition Miley shared with her Smilers this year, though. In fact, the “Wrecking Ball” chanteuse tweeted the most amazing Xmas-themed #tbt ever, which features the entire Cyrus clan re-creating a classic family photo from, like, 15 years ago! CUTE!

Can we give a quick shout-out to Billy Ray’s “Achy Breaky Heart“-era lewk? Because THAT MULLET.

Photo credit: Miley Cyrus’ Instagram, @MileyCyrus