Justin Bieber's Post-Retirement Plans? Building Snowmen With His Baby Brother, Duh!

Justin Bieber and his bro Jaxon spent their holiday throwing their deuces up and building an epic snowman!

Bieber Claus is back, yo!

On Christmas Eve, Justin Bieber boldly announced his retirement from music. So, what's our man's first act as a new retiree? Contrary to MTV News' logical predictions, he's teaming up with his little brother, Jaxon, and members of his crew to build an adorable snowman! Keep on #CrushingIt, Bieber Claus!

The "Wait For A Minute" singer shared the heartwarming bro-tograph on Instagram, captioning: "Snowy christmas." Agreed, 'tis a very white Christmas. But, also kind of a blue one, too?

Like, yeah, boyfriend crafts a KILLER snowman. (I mean, would you look at that form????) Nonetheless, hopefully he’ll go back to music soon? We can't be the only ones wishing for an early end to Justin's retirement, right?

Well, Beliebers, at least we'll be able to listen to JB's new album, Journals, and hit up theaters to watch "Believe" as many times as we want. Bright side, boos!

Photo credit: Justin Bieber's Instagram