Star Spotting: Behold! Taylor Swift And Her Brother Austin's Matching Christmas Onesies!

Taylor Swift celebrated Christmas by rocking matching plaid onesies with her brother, Austin!

Oh, Tay-Tay and her bro rocked matching Xmas PJs? NO BIGGIE.

Every family has its own set of holiday traditions, no? Some decorate the tree while sitting 'round the fire drinking cider, while others bicker over whether to watch "Home Alone" or "Yentl." (See my family.) How does Taylor Swift’s kin do it up? Why, by rocking matching plaid onesies around the Christmas tree! #FESTIVE

Naturally the “Sweeter Than Fiction” singer took to Instagram to share this epic bonding moment with her brother Austin, captioning: "Matching Christmas onesies is a thing that's happening right now." IT SURE IS, BB! IT. SURE. IS.

Naturally, we'd kill to see what happened AFTER this photo. Like, did Tay and her bro sit around the table and have dinner dressed like that? Were these plaid PJs the official "Swift Holiday Outift," extending to mama and papa Swift, too?? Is our pair in the mail?!

So many questions, LITERALLY zero answers.

While we may never resolve these pressing onesie-centric issues, at least we can watch this amazing #tbt video that Taylor posted on Instagram from Christmas 1993. Pay special attention, because holy sh**. THE CURLS.

+ Watch Taylor Swift's #tbt Christmas vide from 1993.

Photo credit: Taylor Swift's Instagram

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