Casual Masturbation, Cleavage Karaoke, 'Adore You' Previews & More Of Miley's Big Weekend!


Miley Cyrus lends herself a hand in her 'Adore You' video preview!

At this point, we can probably assume that every weekend Miley Cyrus has will be better than yours. I mean, do you think she spent Saturday night face-deep in a bowl of Pad Thai and/or watching a "House Hunters: International" marathon? Probably not. But if she did, she probably did it with more moxie than scrubs like us.

This past weekend, Barbara Walters' bestie was in rare form: She hit up her favorite clubs, treated Amazon Ashley’s bosom to a one-on-one karaoke session, she got snuggly with her dogs, and she posted a couple previews of her veryyyyy touchy-feely "Adore You" video to Instagram.

As we were saying... What did YOU do this weekend?

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On Saturday, Miley hit the club HARD. And by "hard," we mean dancing the night away with a beaming glow stick, headbanging, and having a karaoke moment to "Wrecking Ball" into the ample cleavage of Amazon Ashley. Ahh, friendship!

Warning. DO NOT attempt the level of head-banging Miley in the Instagram video below. You are not a professional, and we can't be responsible for your neck injuries.

After a night of club #BANGERZ, Miley threw on a sweatshirt and surrounded herself with the comfort of dogs.


Miley Cyrus was a busy lady, this weekend! The "Wrecking Ball" singer previewed her "Adore You" video, hung out with her dog, and hit the club!

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, Miley posted not one, but two previews of her "Adore You" video!! And, remember how shocked we were that Miley looked uncharacteristically demure in the single's cover art? Well, we may have spoken too soon.

According to the Instagram video preview Miley posted this past weekend, "Adore You" (which drops Dec. 26, because you just don't drop a masturbation video on Christmas, because that's just an unspoken rule) will feature Miley in a bra (DUH) while engaging in some, er, private touching time. Yes, ladies and gents, Miley's finally following in the footsteps of Britney Spears' "Touch Of My Hand" and Tweet's "Oops (Oh My)." *Applause! Applause! Applause!*

Photo credit: Miley Cyrus' Instagram/Marco's Instagram