Dear Diary: Take A Look Inside Justin Bieber’s ‘Journals’!

Dear diary, this is what we think Justin Biebers journals might look like.

After 10 whole weeks of releasing #MusicMondays tracks, Justin Bieber is finally ready to share a few more pages from his Journals.

Yep, just a couple of days before his Believe documentary is set to drop (Dec. 25), Biebs’ 10-track Journals hit iTunes and features all 10 Music Mondays tracks plus five new songs, because #generosity. Like, we’re talking collabs with Big Sean, Lil Wayne, and Future, plus a Drake-penned track called “One Life.”

Anyway, after listening to all five new tracks (“Swap It Out,” “One Life,” “Memphis,” “Backpack,” and “What’s Hatnin'”), we felt compelled to write our OWN (imaginary) Justin Bieber journal entries. I mean, Justin’s above Instagram literally asks us to “complete my journals,” so… why don’t we?? *Gets out a pen, paper, and tissue box*

1.) “Dear diary, Just working on the sag in my pants. It’s like I’m doing God’s work. #Swag.”

Check out more imaginary journal entries from Justin Bieber after the jump.

2.) “Dear diary, Saw the Great Wall of China. So amazing. Felt inspired to pop and lock.”

3.) “Dear diary, Felt like taking off my shirt and tweeting a shirtless selfie, so I did. Glad I have a safe place to share stuff like that with you.”

4.) “Dear diary, Today I saw a blank brick wall in need of expression. So I whipped out my spray cans and got to work. If Banksy can do it, so can yours truly!”

5.) “Dearest diary, all that matters is that today I get a new tattoo. I know you’ll understand. You understand everything. Fuzzy mustache kisses, Justin.”

6.) “Dear diary: I swear, I am TOTALLY over Selena today. Wait, no I’m not. YES I AM.

OK, do-over. Dear diary: Please let me figure out to what extent I’m over Selena sometime soon. And if it takes me kissing a few hot models in my next music video, I’m totally game. Love, Justin.”

Photo credit: Island Records, Splash, @justinbieber