Star Spotting: Justin Bieber, WHO? Merry Christmas From 'Bieber Claus'!

Justin Bieber has morphed into 'Bieber Claus'! And right in time for Christmas, too

FTR, we would LOVE for Bieber Claus to come through our chimney.

NYC temperatures may have risen to a whopping 70 degrees yesterday, aka two days out from Christmas, but luckily Justin Bieber feels fully committed to revving up our holiday spirits! And no, sadly Biebs hasn't released a hip-hop version of his insta-Christmas classic, "Mistletoe." But he has called upon his most precious alter ego outside of Shawty Mane: "Bieber Claus."

Sharing yet another photo from his recent "Believe" documentary premiere on Instagram (you know, the same premiere that hot model/Justin's "All That Matters" video costar Cailin Russo attended), the Journals crooner captioned: "Bieber Clause gonna take you on a sleigh ride tonight." UMMMM, IS THAT SO, JUSTIN?! IS.THAT.SO.

Now, while gullible us over here thought that JB actually wore this Santa ensemble to the premiere (because, um, #PROPS!), the Internets tell us that this photo was actually edited by Justin for the holidays. Like, after the premiere. #OhWell

Edited or not, we DO know this for sure: If "Bieber Claus" was an actual thing, we have a strong feeling kids would stop crying on Santa's lap at the mall. #CallItAHunch

Photo credit: Justin Bieber's Instagram/

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