A Day To Remember Take An Animated Stroll Down Memory Lane In Their 'Right Back At It Again' Video

Watch A Day To Remember's "Right Back At It Again" video.

A Day To Remember's new video is an animated trip through their history, real and imagined.

Getting a band off the ground is never easy, and it's something Florida metal-core heroes A Day To Remember are particularly conscious of in their new video for "Right Back At It Again." It also takes a twisted sense of humor to deal with all the drudgery of grinding it out on the road, and there's plenty of that on display too in the whimsically animated, but characteristically aggressive, track.

Watch A Day To Remember's "Right Back At It Again" video after the jump.

The song, taken from the band's self-released fifth album, Common Courtesy, is an invigorating rush of pop-punk melody blasted through with metal riffing and hardcore stomp. The main riff gets some added pomp from an orchestral arrangement in their new video, as it opens with a snooty literary documentary-style introduction from a skull-tatted, pipe-smoking professor type. "For today's program, we will be following the story of five small town miscreants, who banded together to make music to 'take over the world'" he says. "Twas 2003, but it was not just any day. It was A Day To Remember."

The video takes off from there, with Jeremy McKinnon detailing the early days of the band, playing small bars, and trying to make it. (It worked.)

The part-animated, part-live footage video fills in the cracks of the story, from Ocala, Fla., and on throughout the country, as the band chugs along with some assists from friendly animated trees and animals. They surf a killer wave of noodles, rock out next to some floating manatees, and, in a twist we really didn't see coming, turn into a group of turds rocking out in a toilet.

"We played a show a night until it all made sense," McKinnon sings. Being on the road that much probably makes a lot of crazy stuff seem like it makes sense. But as long as it looks like this much fun, who cares?

+ Watch A Day To Remember's "Right Back At It Again" video.

Photo credit: ADTR Records