The Royal Baby Is Serving So Much Lady Gaga Realness!

Anyone else think the Royal Baby is serving some Lady Gaga realness?

One second, I'm the Prince of Cambridge, then suddenly the Gaga's me!

With 2013 coming to a close, there are so many stray observations we missed the chance to put out into the world. So, major late pass on this one, but does anyone else think that Prince George (aka the #RoyalBaby) is totally channeling Lady Gaga in this photo from October??

The royal progeny of Prince William and Duchess Kate was actually adorned in this très elegant getup for his baptism at Chapel Royal in St. James' Palace. We know that such a lewk is expected for a christening. But for the 2010 BRIT Awards, where the "Do What U Want" singer is heading in the above picture? News to us!

So, what do you think? Is this a total coincidence, OR could the royal family actually be secret Little Monsters???? We suppose we'll have to wait and see if little George arrives at his first birthday riding a horse made of human beings to make the final call.

Until then, we have one thing to say: YAAAAAAAAAS! YAAAAAAAAAS, Prince George! You look sooo good! Oh my god, YAAAAAAAAAS!

+ Watch the already iconic "Yaaas Gaga!" video.

Photo Credit: Getty Images