Little Mix Ask Kids 'What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?,' Get Real #Emotional In Their 'Little Me' Video

Watch Little Mix's uber-inspirational "Little Me" video

Little Mix carry the #GIRLPOWAH torch in their new video.

We're mildly obsessed with U.K. girl group/'90s throwback masters Little Mix, and for good reason! So far this year, the girls have SLAYED us with retro-sounding tracks such as "Move," "How Ya Doin?," and, more recently, their ode to female empowerment, "Little Me." Now, the second offering from their Salute album has a music video, and it's alllll about -- as the Spice Girls would say -- "GIRL POWAH."

Watch Little Mix's "Little Me" video after the jump.

At the top of the video, a group of adorable kids (with British accents!) talk about what they want to be when they grow up. Examples include a vet, pirate, actress, footballer, and a singer. (For those of you watching, do you not MELT for that little guy who wants to be a "karate expert"!?)

As the clip introduces us to more little kids with big dreams, Little Mix moodily sing the words to "Little Me" while camped out in a dingy warehouse. (A tactful approach, since the message "work hard to achieve your goals" probably shouldn't be backdropped by scenes of Little Mix sitting on plush chairs in giant mansions.)

In conclusion? Little Mix's "Little Me" video is a welcome "CARPE DIEM!" moment in a sea of non-stop twerking. Plus, they kinda had us at "little kids with adorable British accents." #LetsBeReal

+ Watch Little Mix's "Little Me" video

Photo credit: Syco