#tbt: O-Town’s Gross ‘Liquid Dreams’ Dissected 13 Years Later!

Hey, guys, you know what boy bands should sing about more? Wet dreams! Yeah!

Happy Throwback Thursday! Today, we’re doing a big ol’ competitive music reality TV rewind.

Before Demi Lovato decided to leave “The X Factor,” before “The X Factor” franchise left British shores, even before “American Idol” broadcast its first Brian Dunkleman-cohosted episode, there was O-Town: the 2000 winners of the very first season of “Making The Band.” (Sans Diddy, who at the time was known as Puffaluffagus, FYI.)

Now, we’ll forgive you if you don’t remember these guys. TBQH, they kinda floated around at the fourth or fifth circle of boyband-dom. You had *NSYNC and Backstreet Boys dueling for No. 1 and No. 2, 98 Degrees clocked in at a solid third-tier, LFO at fourth, O-Town at No. 5, and 2gether was in sixth place — IF WE’RE BEING GENEROUS.

But if there’s one thing you should know about O-Town — other than BuzzFeed’s excellent rundown of what they’re up to now — is that their big hit single, “Liquid Dreams,” is fun, catchy, très bubblegum, and SUPER gross.

I mean, the track references various female celebrities to describe the guys’ ideal woman, and it’s called “Liquid Dreams.” Get it? Got it. Do not want.

Here are the lyrics to the chorus, for example, illustrated with all of our Y2K-era faves they namedrop.

“I dream about a girl who’s a mix of Destiny’s Child…”

Because even straight men have to give it up for those cutout-coordinated Tina Knowles originals. Also, Beyoncé, Kelly Rowland, and Michelle Williams are the babeliest trio of babes who ever babed. #FACT

Check out the rest of our O-Town breakdown, and watch the “Liquid Dreams” video after the jump.

“… Just a little touch of Madonna’s wild style…”

Let’s see: According to Madonna’s “wild style” below, the Queen of Pop stans for Britney Spears, loves Bedazzling, and also stans for Kylie Minogue. Tens! Tens! Tens across the board!

“… With Janet Jackson’s smile.”


“Throw in a body like Jennifer’s…”

As in Jennifer Lopez. (Honorable mention: Jennifer Love Hewitt.) I mean, 2000 was the year that J-Lo wore that iconic green Versace gown to the Grammys. FYI, said gown has its own Wikipedia pageand you don’t.

“… You’ve got the star of my liquid dreams.”


+ Watch O-Town’s “Liquid Dreams” video.

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