Ariana Grande Did The Running Man At A Convenience Store, And Now We Have To Watch That 'Reality Bites' 'My Sharona' Scene On Loop

Watch Ariana Grande dance it out in a convenience store!

The rhythm found Ariana Grande in a convenience store, of all places.

Underneath all those sparkly red dresses and stunning vocal performances, would you have guessed that Ariana Grande is, like, a TOTAL HAM? Fine, maybe you would've guessed that, since she plays a funny lady with a fear of clouds(?) on Nickelodeon's "Sam & Cat."

But you have to admit it takes a certain brand of chutzpah to commandeer a gas station/convenience store for your own personal dance break, which is exactly what Ariana did yesterday. I know what you're thinking ...It's just like that "My Sharona" scene in "Reality Bites"!!!


Watch Ariana Grande dance in a convenience store after the jump!

Posting her "Running Man" dance break to Instagram, the "Santa Baby" singer shed some more light on her spontaneous gas station get-down: "frightening people at the truck stop with @isaacboots &@pbreese... the girls face at the end is the best gift I ever could've gotten for Christmas. (p.s. my pants are backwards and I only noticed just now after watching this back...)."

UMMM, is Ariana trying to make gas station dancing a thing? If yes, IT'S WORKING. And second, is that stunned girl at the end gonna be OK...?

+ Watch Ariana Grande dance in a convenience store.

Photo credit: Getty Images, Ariana Grande's Instagram