Miley Cyrus Plays Coy Behind A Bouquet Of Roses In Her Shockingly Demure ‘Adore You’ Cover Art

Is that Miley Cyrus?!

Here’s something we never thought we’d say: Miley Cyrus is looking the very picture demure on her just-released “Adore You” cover art! Like, there are no nipples, nude-colored underthings, or twerking butts to speak of!

Miley took to Instagram to share her new Bangerz visuals, captioning: “new single & video coming soon. #adoreyou.”

Instead of showing off her usual uniform, i.e., a crop top and high-waisted granny panties with a fanny pack, Miley’s “Adore You” art features the the “Wrecking Ball” chanteuse demurely perched behind a bouquet of wilting roses. These visuals are so tame, in fact, that we literally only see half of Miley’s face! No body! Clothed, or otherwise. Translation: WHAT IS HAPPENING?

Seriously, what’s all this mean? We’ve gone from being privileged enough to see ALL OF MILEY’S EVERYTHING to seeing just the bottom half of her face! Um, #DEMOTION.

And the cruelest detail? HER.TONGUE.ISN’T.EVEN.OUT!

Photo credit: Miley Cyrus’ Instagram