Austin Mahone, Sleeping With Sirens, Fall Out Boy & More Celebs Share Totally True Reindeer Facts

reindeer facts

When was the last time reindeer updated Adobe Flash player? Oh, right -- never.

Here are a few things you may not know about reindeer -- they're fuel-efficient, they produce evaporated milk, they know how to tap dance, and they spend most of their days defecating (takes a lot of internal reindeer resources to make evaporated milk, you see). And you thought they just pulled Santa's sleigh once a year and chilled for the other 364 days. Well there's a lot more you still need to learn about reindeer, which is why I called in experts like Pete Wentz and Kellin Quinn.

Watch Austin Mahone, Sleeping With Sirens, Jake Miller, Fall Out Boy, Danny Brown, Taylor Jardine of WATIC and more celebs share totally true reindeer facts that you didn't know after the jump!

How'd I become so knowledgeable in reindeer facts? Easy. I sent an elite force of musicians -- Danny Brown, Austin "Banga Banga" Mahone, Sleeping With Sirens, Taylor Jardine of WATIC, Jake Miller, Fall Out Boy and A Great Big World to the Reindeer Institute of Information Sciences and Technology (it's like the Harvard of reindeer studies... oh, and it's in Norway, obviously), and they came back and shared a treasure trove of previously unknown facts about Santa's favorite caribou. Take notes.

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