Add Cash Cash's 'Take Me Home' Featuring Bebe Rexha To Your New Year's Playlist Immediately! (VIDEO)

Cash Cash's "Take Me Home"

Cash Cash's collabo with Bebe Rexha will be right at home on your NYE playlist.

Because Dec. 31 is only, like, 13 days away, you better be on your ish when it comes to that New Year's Eve party playlist! No matter how perfectly curated yours is, we're sure that you'll be able to squeeze Cash Cash's "Take Me Home" featuring Bebe Rexha in there somewhere.

The New York-based EDM trio's new track, the first single off of their debut OVERTIME EP, has everything you'd want in a countdown-ready club banger: pulsing synth, beat drops, and soaring vocals courtesy of Ms. Rexha (who you might remember as Pete Wentz's Black Cards vocalist-in-arms while Fallout Boy was on hiatus).

The music video, though? Well, let's just say it provides a hefty chaser to all those 47 sonic tequila shots.

Watch Cash Cash's "Take Me Home" video featuring Bebe Rexha after the jump.

Watch Cash Cash's new "Take Me Home" video featuring Bebe Rexha.

Take me home? You sure about that?

In the DJ Brawner-directed clip, we see a young couple on a road trip in alternating love-hate states. One second they're strolling hand in hand through the woods, the next they're aiming to kill... with pillows, thankfully.

By the end of the music video, though, this couple with a seemingly indeterminate relationship status of "passion" seems worth the rage. Or, maybe that's just the O.O.C. Cash Cash production that's playing tricks on our minds. Either way, i can has tumultuous hookup?

We'll just have to wait until Dec. 31 to find out.

Speaking of which, Cash Cash will be playing Winter Galactic in NYC on New Year's Eve (plus a slew of shows across North America in the coming months). If ya wanna meet up there, we'll be the ones wearing the D.I.Y. "WILL MAKEOUT FOR ITUNES GIFT CARDS"  tee.

+ Watch Cash Cash's "Take Me Home" video featuring Bebe Rexha.

Photo credit: Big Beat Records