Star Spotting: Mariah Carey Gets Extra Festive With A Glass Of Eggnog And A Holiday Selfie (PHOTO)

Mariah Carey gets festive with a glass of Christmas eggnog! See the photo, here.

Mariah Carey celebrates with a sip of eggnog!

If all you want for Christmas (see what we did there?) is to see Mariah Carey enjoy a delicious glass of eggnog, then your dream is about to come true thanks to one extra #festive Instagram photo.

(Also, you may want to evaluate your wish list because wanting that and only that for Christmas is kinda weird. No judgments, just saying.)

We'd like to think that "The Art Of Letting Go" singer shared the solo holiday moment for two reasons: 1.) to advise the world to ALWAYS sip eggnog through a straw because a true queen simply does not have time for trifling, exceedingly hurtful milk mustaches, and 2.) to remind us that wearing sunglasses indoors is totally allowed if you're, you know, Mimi.

The caption also hints at a third reason: "My 1st Eggnog (JD said 'gimme some of dat Eggnog')." Moderation, people! The holiday season's nearly over, and Mariah's only JUST tasted her first sip of 'nog!

Too bad we've got a recycling bin filled with some 20-odd empty eggnog cartons. Sigh. #WhyWeWillNeverBeDivas

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Photo Credit: Mariah Carey's Instagram