London Grammar's Beautiful Acoustic Jam 'Everywhere You Go' Is The Stuff All The #Feels Are Made Of

Listen to London Grammar's 'Everywhere You Go'

London Grammar go acoustic on their new song.

After London Grammar released If You Wait, we weren't sure how the U.K. band was going to impress us next. Their debut album draws on trip-hop influences and the stormy voice of Hannah Reid like Portishead jamming with Florence + The Machine. But "Everywhere You Go" shows off a different style. The acoustic track is laced with hippie vibes, soft percussion and silky guitar parts. It sounds like a distant cousin of Dave Matthews Band's "Let You Down" -- a song which rules, in case you missed listening to Crash on loop at summer camp in 1998.

Listen to London Grammar's "Everywhere You Go" after the jump.

Reid's voice is as smoky and rough-edged as ever, though, and the love song is bursting with passion that can't be denied. "You're my baby," she sings simply, and then hits a stunning falsetto note.

Don't think the band is switching their sound to gentle vocals and acoustic strums, however. "Everywhere You Go" is actually an early, unreleased track, and it's just seeing release now on the band's Nightcall EP. Maybe they'll play it on their next North American tour, which kicks off in January and finds the band stepping up to midsize rooms before their inevitable takeover of the festival main stage game.


+ Listen to London Grammar's "Everywhere You Go."

Photo credit: Metal & Dust Recordings