9 Most Life-Affirming Diva Moments From Lady Gaga and Christina Aguilera’s ‘Voice’ Performance (GIFs)

UMMMM, Gaga and Xtina are wearing matching gold lamé outfits!

There’s really no preparing yourself for the utter slayage that occurred on last night’s finale episode of “The Voice” when Lady Gaga and Christina Aguilera joined forces to deliver an immensely legendary, already iconic rendition of Gaga’s ARTPOP single “Do What U Want,” originally featuring R. Kelly.

Sadly, there were no sex push-ups to be found in last night’s performance. (Miss you, Kellz!!) There were, however, plenty of Elvis Presley lip snarls, disco sister act fashion, inter-diva thigh caresses, and newlywed-style champagne-sipping. (Did Gaga and Xtina get married last night? Honestly unclear!)

So without further ado, please direct your attention to our roundup of the most divalicious, severely life-altering moments featured in Lady Gaga and Christina Aguilera’s performance! We think you already know that your body is NOT READY.

1.) When Lady Gaga did a “feelin’ myself” Elvis lip snarl! 

2.) When the clamshell rose like a lotus to reveal Christina Aguilera!

 3.) When you first realized that Gaga and Xtina were wearing COORDINATED GOLD LAMÉ OUTFITS!

Check out more life-affirming diva moments and watch Gaga and Christina’s performance after the jump.

4.) When Gaga and Christina joined hands! #CantHoldUsDown

 5.) When Lady Gaga rested her head on Christina’s ample bosom!

 6.) When Christina caressed Gaga’s gold lamé leg under a shower of rose petals! 

 7.) When the divas interlocked arms and sipped champagne like newlyweds! 

 8.) When Gaga and Xtina smashed their champagne flutes in the face of haterz to the ground!


+ Watch Lady Gaga and Christina Aguilera perform “Do What U Want” on “The Voice” finale.

Photo credit: Getty Images / GIFs: MTV