Asher Monroe's 'Christmas Is Here To Stay' Video Just Made Christmas Way More Adorable

Watch Asher Monroe's "Xmas Is Here To Stay" lyric video.

We want Asher Monroe for Christmas, FYI.

The Christmas song market is suuuuuper competitive this year, what with Kelly Clarkson's "Underneath The Tree," Leona Lewis's ultra-festive "One More Sleep," and Ariana Grande's "Snow In California" making the holiday rounds.

And sure, that's a lot of songs. But if you can make room in your heart, we've got one more holiday track that needs your immediate attention: Asher Monroe's new jangle-pop masterpiece/ lyric video, "Christmas Is Here To Stay."

Watch Asher Monroe's "Christmas Is Here To Stay" lyric video after the jump.

In the former V-Factory member's video, the lyrics to "Christmas Is Here To Stay" bounce across the screen as animated Xmas scenes swirl in the background. It's kind of the pop music equivalent to driving through a beautifully decorated neighborhood at Christmastime. Like, we're talking a visual ode to snow, Santa, Christmas trees, wreaths, reindeer, log cabins, snowmen, elves, stockings, gingerbread houses, jingle bells, mistletoe, and -- OK, you get the idea.

As all of the aforementioned Christmas tchotchkes dance in the background, Asher's voice rises to the foreground as he singes a few romantic lines: "Don't you leave me alone/ under the mistletoe/ My only wish is/ to kiss you, my love/ Let's sit by the tree/ so blissful with glee/ all gather around/ and sing it with me." Er, excuse me for a sec. Heart is melting. Need a new one. *Adds to Xmas wish list*.

+ Watch Asher Monroe's "Christmas Is Here To Stay" lyric video.

Photo credit: D Empire