Watch Mary Lambert’s ‘She Keeps Me Warm’ Lyric Video Because Mary Lambert Makes Everything Better

Mary’s new clip is the epic cry-fest you totally needed today.

So, you definitely don’t need us to remind you who Mary Lambert is. You know, the awesome young lady who burst into the mainstream when her track, “She Keeps Me Warm,” was sampled in Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ heart-wrenching smash, “Same Love“?

Additionally, you might recall her VMA performance with Macklemore, Ryan Lewis, and also JENNIFER HUDSON? So like, girlfriend is ALREADY crazy killing it. Oh, and #GLITTERDRESS.

Now, Mary has released “She Keeps Me Warm” as the first official single off of her four-song EP, Welcome To The Age Of My Body (out today). The singer also released a lyric video for the poignant ballad, which is sure to make Googling the lyrics for “songs that make you bawl”-themed karaoke on Saturday night MUCH easier.

Watch Mary Lambert’s “She Keeps Me Warm” lyric video after the jump.

Mary served all kinds of major Drew Barrymore realness when she dropped by the MTV offices last month.

In “She Keeps Me Warm,” the 2014 Grammy nominee sits calmly perched at the piano, singing her stunning love song and sending shock waves of perfection out across the universe.

While not much else goes down in the lyric video, one listen to the track and you’ll realize that Mary’s proudly treading the same kind of positive message trail as “Same Love.”

The same goes for the EP; Welcome To The Age Of My Body advocates its own brand of acceptance and does mountains good by seriously owning the the positive body image conversation.

In other words, Mary’s no-B.S. attitude and “eff the haters” mantras are just a few of the reasons why we completely stan for her. Not to mention that O.O.C. tat! Badass on so many damn levels.

+ Watch Mary Lambert’s “She Keeps Me Warm” lyric video, and preview Welcome To The Age Of My Body on iTunes.

Photo credit: Capitol Records