Watch Christina Aguilera's Unmissable 'Pour Some Sugar On Me' Performance On 'The Voice' (VIDEO)

Watch Christina Aguilera perform "Pour Some Sugar On Me" with her judges on "The Voice."

Say something? More like slay EVERYTHING.

Forget that all three finalists on season 5 of "The Voice" laid their souls bare last night. Ignore the fact that we're mere hours away from the moment the winner's announced on tonight's finale. Is it your grandmother's birthday? DROP THAT TOO, because the only thing we need to talk about right now is Christina Aguilera.

(The only thing we honestly ever NEED to talk about is Xtina, but that's beside the point.)

Anyway, on Monday night's performance show, the "Say Something" singer broke out those pipes again, once to duet "We Remain" with contestant Jacquie Lee, then to slay a version of the hair-metal classic "Pour Some Sugar On Me" with Def Leppard and the other judges.

Basically, Christina's vocals were so on point and her presence so commanding that Fighters nationwide grabbed their nearest back of Domino, screaming, "RIGHT AWAY, KWEEN."

Watch Christina Aguilera and the rest of the judges on "The Voice" perform "Pour Some Sugar On Me" with Def Leppard after the jump.

Now, of course we'd be remiss to ignore Adam Levine, CeeLo Green, and Blake Shelton. We totally applaud Adam's surprisingly tough-sounding voice just as much as we do Blake's unexpectedly naughty swagger. Obviously, it should go without saying that hearing CeeLo sing is an uplifting gift every damn time.

But Christina? This was HER performance! I mean, she out-snarled the guitarist behind her. WITH HER VOICE. Which, BTW, was giving us MAYJAH flashbacks to her 2003 VMA performance of "Fighter" with Dave Navarro. Clearly, we love Xtina's softer turn with A Great Big World, but maybe she should consider venturing further into a harder-edged territory? Let there be sex, drugs HOLD THE DRUGS, and rock 'n' roll, mayhaps?

Watch the video below to see what we're talking about. Oh, and to catch Christina Aguilera in all of her highly GIF-able judging action (plus the winner announcement and also maybe a duet performance by Christina and... Lady Gaga? OMG REALLY?!?!), tune in to "The Voice" finale tonight at 9 p.m. ET on NBC.

+ Watch Christina Aguilera, Adam Levine, CeeLo Green, and Blake Shelton perform "Pour Some Sugar On Me" on "The Voice" with Def Leppard.

Photo credit: NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images