Justin Bieber Continues Expressing Himself Through A Graffiti Rampage (PHOTO)

Justin Bieber got his graffiti on, once again!

Don't look now, but Justin Bieber's back on his graffiti s***. 

As 2014 approaches, we'd like to review the vast range of emotions Justin Bieber has exhibited this year.

While Justin's obviously found emotional release via his music (he had a case of the breakup blues in "Heartbreaker," felt classically melancholy in "All That Matters," optimistic in "Recovery," and in the mood in "PYD"), sometimes Taylor Swift-ing your life in song isn't the only way to achieve emotional catharsis. See: The Biebs' reoccurring side gig as a semi-profesh graffiti artist!

Earlier in November, we caught Justin spray painting emo peguins and blinged-out apes, and now it looks like bro's back on his art grind! Posting the above pic to Instagram, Justin appears to be drawing something a bit more obscure. (I.e., we can't tell what it is.) Perhaps it's an upside-down blue alien? With a super-sad Casper the Friendly Ghost somewhere on the bottom left?

Either way, we're happy Justin's found a suitable outlet to channel his feelings. But maybe before he makes his mark on any more public spaces, he should look into getting a graffiti permit? Then again, we're not sure what building wouldn't wanna up its property value with a trademark "Painted By Bieber." You can decorate my bedroom wall anytime, bb!

Photo credit: Justin Bieber's Instagram